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The cries and screams resonated through the lower level of the Manor. The Dark Lord was 'speaking' with one of the prisoners again. Draco had gotten dragged downstairs with his father to witness, and assist.

Voldemort finally finished his interrogation, "Come Lucius. Let the boy deal with this fool. Clearly not to be getting any other information tonight."

Draco hesitated at that, but Lucius whispered to him, "The Dark Lord gave you an order, go to it. NOW." There was a stinging at his arm, and he winced. He then shuffled his feet forward to try to lift the older man back to the holding cell. Barely hearing the footsteps fade away.

He then heard a faint voice, "You don't want to be here any more than I, do you? You're not like them."

"Shut up, you're going back into the cell, or I'll hurt you."

A pair of tired, but sharp eyes turned to him, "Your lies are as weak as the rest of you, boy. Don't insult both of our intelligence otherwise. I could see under that bluster even when you came into my shop six years ago."

Draco scoffed, as he tried to shove him on, "You don't know what you're saying. Your mind's addled in your old age, obviously."

"My mind is as sharp as ever, I would be a poor wandmaker otherwise. I know you are different from your parents. Your wand proves that."

"Well, I have a different wand now. See? The other broke." He held it up to show him.

Ollivander looked at it, and said to him, gently chiding him, "You are a fool to think so. Couldn't you tell what is your own wand?"

Draco stared at it. It did look identical, but he thought it was a coincidence. The wood was the same. "But I saw... She broke it."

"Well, clearly not. No, this is the very same wand I sold you. 10 inches, hawthorn, with unicorn hair core. Reasonably flexible. Why I knew then. You don't want to be here, do you?"

"I have to, it's my home," he scoffed, and put his wand away.

"You know what I mean." Ollivander said as they arrived back at the cell. A few scared, yet defiant faces looked at them.

Draco wouldn't meet their eyes, or Ollivander's, "I don't have a choice. I'm trapped." And once the wandmaker was back in the cell, he sealed it, and went back upstairs.
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