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They failed. Again. The Golden Gryffindor Trio had been here in the Manor. In the Dark Lord's grasp, and practically gift wrapped. And now they were gone. Along with Bella and Draco's wands.

And they had a great deal to answer for. Draco suspected it was coming. And before the Dark Lord showed, he slipped a certain ring onto his ring finger. There were also some items well hidden, and to be given to his parents.

His aunt can suffer on her own. Sadistic bitch deserved it. He couldn't get the echo of Hermione's screams from the Cruciatus curse out of his head.

He hated being here with all the core of his being. He only attacked during their escape out of self preservation. But Potter had to know he wasn't going to give them up. Especially not him. They had a deal, a debt he needed to repay. He was grateful to whoever gave him that Stinging Jinx, not because of him getting jinxed, but for the excuse to say he couldn't tell. Hard to recognize him like that anyway. If his parents hadn't been so eager and desperate to be redeemed in the Dark Lord's eyes. As though even that would be enough now. It didn't matter, he could only see now that they were on the wrong side. Always have been.

He didn't even have time to react to their old house elf turning against them, there was too much going on with the falling chandelier, and wands flying everywhere.

And the Dark Lord was furious, and not just for this. But they would bear the brunt of it.

He couldn't look at him, even as blood continued to trickle from his cut up face. But he could hear as they were punished one by one. Greyback, his aunt, his father, his mother.

Then his turn. CRUCIO! Over and over again he screamed as pain lanced throughout his body, like his organs were burning and liquefying. He probably clawed on the floor before he sank into unconsciousness, the pain following him down.

Briefly he felt disconnected, light. He glanced down at the pitiful form, curled up who was now being cut up, punched, and kicked. Father? No, he was nearby, already getting similar treatment.

He realized the pathetic form was himself. No, not dead? He can't be. There was a future waiting. With Mia, and children. He had to survive.

The Death Eaters left them on the floor, leaving them behind, and there was a tiny light coming from his hand. And he felt himself being pulled back to his broken body, gasping for breath. He took a healing nut, and some potions, silently thanking Mia for saving his life. And then saw about getting the angel's tears to his parents.

As for explanations, he remarked that they were a gift from a dear friend, and he would explain more later. All that matter was that they were alive. That was enough for now.

His mother pressed her wand upon him, saying he needed more now to be safe when he was at Hogwarts. He couldn't go back there without one.

He felt oddly calm, since he had lost it before. It was likely he might just get it back again.
Potter owed him that much.


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