Draco had made arrangements for a quiet part of the bar, and he made arrangements for the menu. Along with something he cooked, and specially made for dessert at the end. The meal itself was a mix of the finest of Persian cuisine as a pleasant surprise and change. Cepheus was visiting with the grandparents so they could have a lovely dinner and evening for just the two of them. He already spoke with Nash to circumvent most of the paperwork for a few days. One less worry for the couple.

He even was dressed in his Persian attire to go with the meal as he smiled, and kissed Mia's hand.
"Careful there," Draco said, helping his wife, Mia, along. He glanced over at his mother-in-law, Lemia, to make sure she was all right as well as they approached the front gate of the Malfoy Manor. Already there was the familiar screech of the white peacocks strutting around, much of the place now back to how it was prior to the war.

Closer to the gate, and upon recognizing Draco's magical signature, the metal gate swung openly easily. The traps and hexes dissipating for the time being.

"It's just up the walk here."
The carpet came around in front of the inn, and touched down. Draco moved to help support Mia to lead her down toward the inn. A simple spell would take care of levitating their belongings inside.

"All right there, luv? I'll get the door." But before he could do so, the innkeeper emerged to hold the door open for them.
There was some singing, and the smell of honey, sugar, and dough in the kitchen. Draco was busy working on a dessert dish, a form of baklava with fruit. Thought it'd be a nice surprise after a Mediterranean style dinner. He was also quietly singing a song he once heard on the Wizard Wireless that was catchy a few years ago.
And the overgrown gardens were just part of the mess. The security spells were faint and weak. Draco didn't even have to do countercharms for him and Mia to pass through the gates. Just inside the doors, there was dust and cobwebs everywhere.

"Sodding hell, the Ministry must have just squatted on this. Too arsed to bother cleaning it?" He scowled as he commented to his wife, and poked a dust bunny with his walking staff.
There was some bustling going in the bedrooms of the Guild. Clothes and objects flying every which way into ready suitcases and trunks. Sometimes Draco was using his wand, sometimes not. Mia was returning, and he wanted everything to be ready to go.

Holiday seemed just the thing even with the trip Mia had away.
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Some of the set up was similar to Mia's Guildmaster one. At least the door from the Bar to the Magic Guild was well labeled again, and a guard posted to direct guests on where to go, along with exceptions to stay out of the Crystal Tower, the dungeon, and the roof. The focus was on the Main Hall itself where most of the people were, along with the decorations.
Draco was not drowning in paperwork, but he was tempted to whine to any in earshot that he was. It was blasted annoying, and how could there be so much of it with Mia and Nash gone? He was also getting ready for the ceremony where he could, and trying to get more headache potion for Mia's mum. It had been a very trying week and he looked forward to Mia's safe return in more ways than one.
Draco had a potion book hovering in front of him at a table in their rooms in the Guild, currently poring over a very complicated potion entry. Occasionally he did a slight wave of his hand to change pages and sipped his tea as he let a quick notes quill copy down notes on a piece of parchment. He had an idea for a new special edition potion order that he hoped would take off at Dragonlight. One that produced sparkling snowflakes on command.
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Draco was half muttering, half dozing as Mia and him reached their room upstairs. Still itched horribly but the fever left him so tired and delirious that it didn't matter. He turned on his side on the floating carpet.
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"About sodding time!" There was a shout heard from Draco's potions rooms, and he came out, looking tired and haggard in appearance.

He then tried to shout, but it came out raspy, "Mia? Darling, where are you? I have it!"


Apr. 23rd, 2008 09:58 pm
Draco was dressed in dress robes with a light tuxedo with pale green vest underneath. Waiting for Tom to open the door so their group could proceed for the place for the ceremony. Last minute checking over himself for everything, and glancing at the wedding party with some excitement and nervousness.
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There was a lot of pink around, pink doves gently cooing. Lots of pink roses sprouted up like vines, and soft music playing. Also fairy lights that he got on special order from his world. The tables was not yet set, but it will be soon enough. And dinner was nearly ready. He even got some pink champagne for her.
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Draco held Mia's hand as they walked through the door. Back around the grounds of Hogswarts. Sometime around late summer which had to be odd in comparisons to the wintertime in the bar. School hasn't started up again so it was quiet. He also had his broom handy to fly them around. Mostly since he knew she wasn't used to side-by Apparition.

"Hogsmeade's not far from here. And probably not as busy now with the school closed for the summer."
The next morning, Draco woke up early, and snuck out of bed, after placing a kiss on his fiancee's cheek while she slept. They would be heading back to Vane, with a detour to Lann soon. But he got dressed, and headed outside, close to the lake for practice. It was just a little after sunrise now, and the early morning sun glittered on the watery surface.

Trying to test more wandless magic, and figuring to try a simple water spell. Not realizing where he was. He concentrated on the spell and then...



There just might be distant roar like of a ocean wave coming from outside now.
The night air in Vane was slightly chilled, giving good weather for sleeping. To most people. Draco was cuddled in bed with Mia, but the long repressed nightmares had returned with a vengeance on his subconscious. He twitched and contorted in his sleep, at times moaning in pain. And then a full throated scream tore from his throat.
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Draco and Mia entered the Guild, and it was obvious that he could barely keep it together at this point. It was only when they reached her rooms, and an anxious Alhena briefly startled him.
She whined, and babbled with concern as he flopped onto a couch in Mia's sitting room.

He then bent over, sobs overtaking him completely.
He used to look forward to going home for the holidays. Spending time at the Manor, and receiving presents. Not this year. He didn't want to go back home. But he had little choice, almost everywhere were *his* people. Even on the Hogwarts Express. So he had no choice, but to head back for home. He only met his parents back home itself, and immediately fled for the minor sanctuary of his room.

Some peace before they would ask him to do something about the prisoners, or worse, another task to do.
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